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Some call it work-life balance while others term it work life integration. Whatever the label, it is often regarded as elusive not for the lack of motivation but for the dearth of inspiration.

After all, setting aside time for yourself on priority can not only raise eyebrows at work but also invoke glares from loved ones! CXOLife is committed to creating and driving an environment where balance is not spoken about in hushed tones, rather celebrated through personal journeys of leaders who have accomplished that seemingly unattainable balance.

It is our endeavour to discover stories of leaders who have not just understood the importance of balance but also found the path towards it – be it by conquering a mountain peak or running the world major marathons or playing in a rock band or bringing about a social change. We believe that leadership is inclusive of celebrating life as it ought to be, and balance follows through, inspiringly.

So, go on and live that dream and while at it, why not let us know how you are going about it at ? We would love to podcast your story! 


Sunayana Nair

Sunayana Nair – Editor, CXOLife