Ajith Nair on Employee Experience, Leadership & Engaging Corporate Culture

Ajith Nair, Director of Kincentric speaks to Sunayana Nair, Editor, CXOLife regarding the essence of employee engagement and its role in aiding disruption, emergence of employee experience (EX) and the need to link it with customer experience, challenges organisations face to implement sustainable engagement solutions, importance of work-life balance, attributes and skill sets of a new-age leader and insights on leadership.

Part 1/5 - Employee Engagement & Experience – Essence & Challenges

In this segment Ajith Nair speaks on –

  • Employee engagement – how it ought to be entrenched within clearly defined outcomes,
  • the importance and impact of linking EX employee experience with a customer experience intricately connected to brand values.
  • The tangibles any firm/organisation can work around to surpass the barriers impeding a dynamically engaging culture
  • And how organisations need to encompass employee wellness within an entire experience in itself moving beyond the current programme-led approach.

Part 2/5 - Employee Engagement & its Role in Managing Disruption

In this segment, Ajith speaks about the commonalities across corporate cultures globally while pointing to the differences within the employee ecosystem.

  • He emphasizes the significance of fundamentally anchored value systems – pillars of what an engaging culture thrives on and how these lead to unfathomable employee behaviours – what he calls as emergent behaviours – behaviours, much beyond the expectations any employee manual can seek. And how this is a by-product of a thriving engaging culture.
  • The critical role of engaged employees in aiding and managing disruption
  • The need for organisations to shift from the outdated Process lens which served well for consistency and predictability to intent-culture-purpose led lens to tap that delta or competitive edge

Part 3/5 – Role of Leaders in Inducing & Sustaining a Motivating Corporate Culture

In this segment, Ajith speaks of how some corporates are promoting multiple growth-seeking avenues to employees to tap their overall potential, actively motivating them to seek such platforms and how this is a great way for organisations to de-risk itself.

  • The role of leaders in inducing and sustaining such a growth-led mindset and culture
  • How an increasing number of CXOs are seeing the benefits of pursuing a passion which helps them to engage the mind in different ways, be more effective as a leader and even differentiate themselves in their professional realm.

Part 4/5 – Attributes of a New-age Leader & Leadership Grooming

In this segment, Ajith speaks on the essence of leadership and the attributes of a new-age leader

  • How leadership is a calling to go beyond oneself and beyond the ordinary
  • He also speaks of the importance of time management within the context of striking a balance between work and life

Part 5/5 – On Talent Advisory & Passions – Music, Yoga, Writing & Coaching

In this segment, we delve briefly into the academic and career background of Ajith

  • His transition from Advertising communications to research to HR and Talent advisory.
  • His present role in Kincentric which encompasses training individuals and teams to do their best and helping organisations look at talent in a way that it serves to be of strategic advantage.
  • We also delve on Ajith’s passions which include his interests in yoga, playing the mridangam and other percussion instruments, writing poetry, blogging, coaching and also environmental activism.
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