Dr. Nikhil Latey on building endurance and stamina, training top performing athletes, myth busters

CXO Life presents this special series of interviews in its KeepitAlive podcast segment which will bring forth stories of people who are not only living their passion but helping others keep their dream alive by enabling them to aspire for that elusive balance in some way or the other!

Our first guest is the distinguished Dr. Nikhil Latey, who is the go-to person for top-performing athletes in the country from Mary Kom to Saina Nehwal. Nikhil heads the sports science division at SportsMed Activ, a one stop junction for athletes with imaging, orthopedics, physiotherapy, osteopathy, rehab and sport science support. Now, Nikhil is probably among less than a handful of such unique practitioners in the country, who specialise in Exercise physiology, physiotherapy, athlete assessment, treatment and recommendations to improve performance. Among his notable achievements, Nikhil had headed the medical team of the Olympic Gold Quest, was the Personal physiotherapist for Mary Kom in the lead up to and at London Olympics 2012. And had also Attended National boxing camp for Commonwealth games 2010 and Asian Games 2010.

Nikhil will help us decode the science behind not only the sport but the human body. In this conversation, he shares how anyone can build up their performance by being diligent, more self-aware and following some very basic tips which go a long way in improving performance. So, this is for all you aspiring marathoners, triathletes, sportsmen and women and for others who are dreaming of targeting that next marathon or milestone! So, Let’s move it! As Nikhil puts it – Motion is Lotion!

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