Ironman Covid Edition – Crusading without a Finish Line in Sight!

If you are a sports buff, it is unlikely you would need an introduction to the Ironman triathlon, considered the toughest and most prestigious endurance sport worldwide.

270 events every year, held across about 60 odd countries.

The current pandemic has brought almost all of it to a standstill since February, inarguably the biggest crisis that has hit the iconic sport since its establishment about four decades ago. Geoff Meyer, MD, Ironman Asia joins Sunayana Nair, Editor, CXO Life  once again and shares the numerous challenges his team has been grappling with during these unprecedented times.

In this candid conversation, Geoff speaks about the current status of Ironman races; learnings from couple of physical races conducted like the Ironman Taiwan 70.3; the upcoming races scheduled in the near future; the Ironman virtual club which has witnessed excellent participation by athletes from all over; the various athlete-employee-vendor engagement initiatives by Ironman; the several changes to protocols made at every level for adherence to social distancing norms in-line with government protocols and sometimes even exceeding those in some countries – all of this boiling down to the mammoth efforts put in by Team Ironman; the passion & resilience of local athletes and communities determined to keep moving forward and tackle this seemingly never-ending race of trying to cross over to the sunny side of things, without a finish line in sight. 

Part 1/5: Ironman’s Global Crusade against Covid

In this first segment with we dive into the measures taken  by Ironman globally for conducting the handful of physical races worldwide, the learnings from these very few Ironman events conducted so far & the status of the Ironman races to be held in the immediate future.

Part 2/5: Ironman goes Virtual

In this second segment, Geoff speaks about the various cost-intensive virtual races & training programmes having been developed and conducted by Ironman, provided  for engaging and motivating Ironman athletes across the world.

Part 3/5: Engagement as the Keyword

Imagine managing & conducting a globally renowned sporting event in a foreign country from the confines of your home. Geoff Meyer, MD Ironman Asia speaks of the challenges and initiatives undertaken to keep Ironman employees engaged & motivated, the support provided to local vendors in these trying times while we also touch upon the recent takeover of Ironman by Advance.

Part 4/5: Where’s the Finish Line?

In this fourth segment,  Geoff Meyer MD Ironman Asia speaks in depth regarding the changes implemented across stages for ensuring physical races and events organised by Ironman, although few and far between,  are safe and adhere to all the relevant government protocols. We also discuss the physical Ironman races which are scheduled to happen in the near future. Fingers crossed!   

Part 5/5: Going with the Flow

In the concluding segment, Geoff Meyer MD Ironman Asia speaks of the ways he managed to remain  fit during lockdown and shares some key lessons he learnt through his experience of being at the helm of the Asian operations of the largest sports participation events platform in the world.

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