Geoff Meyer, MD IRONMAN Asia on sports, IRONMAN, paddling, cooking

In this video segment, Geoff Meyer, Managing Director IRONMAN Asia, shares how sports influenced him since very young. Having participated in scores of triathlons and IRONMAN events himself, a recent injury led Geoff to pursue paddling. Geoff also likes to cook. His biggest weakness is chocolate and this doting father to two boys, enjoys to kick the ball, watch Harry potter movies and surf the ocean with his kids. Salil Murthy, Country Head, General Mills India, in conversation with Sunayana Nair, Editor, CXOLife on work-life philosophy, his passion for running and golfing and all things that make him a leader and achiever. Is Salil superstitious before a run? What is his favourite comfort food? brings #CXOFunFacts with Salil Murthy – Country Head, General Mills India Meet Salil Murthy, Country Head, General Mills India. A marathoner and golfer. His love for both the sports stems from his philosophy of pitting Salil against Salil rather than getting a thrill of leaving someone else behind. Excerpts from #TalkCXOLife

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