Jitendra Joshi of SportzConsult on Mumbai Games, multi-sport multi-age extravaganza

Hey! Here’s a question – did you know that Mumbai had hosted its very own Olympics about 6 months ago? This episode is dedicated to entice that sports-lover in you to get that ball kick it around or invest in that sports gear and prepare for the next Mumbai Games coming up in December!

Let’s listen to Jitendra Joshi, Co-founder of Sportzconsult whose decade plus efforts saw the unfurling of this grand sporting celebration called Mumbai Games. With nearly 16 different sports to participate from including badminton, table tennis, chess, judo, skating, squash, tennis, basketball and even carrom, it is touted to be the world’s first city level franchise-based, multi-sport, multi-age sports extravaganza.

Jitendra along with his team wove together this fantastic initiative to get every Mumbaikar out to play a real game and ditch that smartphone. Jitendra takes us through what inspired him to set up Mumbai Games and how his team went about it, how amateurs and professionals can both enjoy this event without feeling intimidated or unchallenged, the experience of kickstarting a sporting event as ambitious as this, Jitendra’s own passions which apart from sports of course, is also music and how Mumbai Games is fundamentally about embracing a sport and having fun for life.

Aata chala, kheluya! Let’s play!

Part 1/6 : Let’s Play – Mumbai Games

Part 2/6 – Anyone can Play – Professionals & Amateurs

Part 3/6 – Embracing a Sport for Life – Catch them Young!

Part 4/6 – Making it Possible – Affiliations & Sports Marketing

Part 5/6 – Scaling it up – Vision of Mumbai Games

Part 6/6 – Jitendra Joshi – Sports lover. Trekker. Tabla player


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