Keep It Alive – Mumbai Marathon 2019 Special

Welcome to our first TalkCXOLife edition within our latest Keep it Alive series wherein we will get you podcast shots through which we will get you short, inspiring nuggets of first-hand experiences by individuals and leaders who have run that extra mile, conquered that peak, painted that dream and played those cards dealt with, creating their own music!

With the Mumbai Marathon just around the corner, we kick start this series with three business leaders who have been running the marathon for years now. Now what is really interesting is that they took to running for different reasons and also view running very differently but what is common is the passion for strapping on those shoes and hitting the road with a vengeance.

We are proud to present the dynamic Vaishali Kasture the first Indian woman to have completed all the six major world marathons. She has over 25 years of banking and financial services and was until very recently the MD and country head at Experian. She is the co-founder of Sonder Connect. Listen to this leader, marathoner and mother share how 24 hours are good enough to slay it in the boardroom, at home and on the road! 

We are delighted to have with us once again, Venkatesh Maheshwari, Sr VP at Aditya Birla Fashions and Retail who is also an avid mountaineer and has the distinct accomplishment of climbing the Everest last year. While Venkatesh has participated in several marathons, he hadn’t been able to push himself for a full marathon until now to safeguard himself from any possible injury which would have deterred his dream of conquering that peak. Listen to Venkatesh share how it is all about getting past the first 2 km to discover the true joy of running. 

We are excited to welcome Atul Daga, CFO, Ultratech Cement Now Atul‘s running journey is quite unique. Though he has been running the marathon since the very second year the Marathon was launched in 2004, Atul plunged into half marathon from the third year onwards and has kept the tempo going since then, participating in almost every half-marathons across the country and a few in Asia as well. Atul shares with us how his early morning run gives him peace of mind, how it is okay to not really want to keep upping the game as long as one is enjoying oneself and how there are plenty of places to run in Mumbai if one rises early!

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