Mumbai Marathon 2019 Special

Mumbai Marathon 2019 Special
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Three Business Leaders. One Passion. Running.

With the Mumbai Marathon just around the corner, we kick start this series with three business leaders – Vaishali Kasture, Venkatesh Maheshwari and Atul Daga – who have been running the marathon for years now. Now what is really interesting is that they took to running for different reasons and also view running very differently but what is common is the passion for strapping on those shoes and hitting the road with a vengeance.

The Tata Mumbai Marathon is the biggest participative sporting event in the country. The event also sees active participation by business leaders and corporates which in turn has played an important role in establishing the sport to the level it has acquired today. The 2019 Mumbai Marathon reportedly received over 8,000 registrations for the Full Marathon – a record in itself! 

We present edited excerpts from our conversation with three business leaders who have been running the Mumbai marathon since years.