Nishant Parashar on Infusing Fun into Employee Engagement with 4500 plus activities for Free!

Meet Nishant Parashar, Founder of engage4more, a leading employee engagement firm in Mumbai. Nishant who was also awarded the Business World Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2010, within about a year of setting up engage4more, shares how engaging with people and eliciting a response from them through events, activities has driven him since young. He shares his perspectives and experience of providing  employee engagement through varied fun activities across corporates in India and some of which a company can even avail for free!

Part 1/8 – Unlocking the Employee Engagement code : More Fun for Better Response

In this first segment of our conversation, Nishant speaks about his foray into events and employee engagement subsequently and how he remains connected to the thread of reaching out to people and evoking a response which continues to propel him and drive him.

We speak about the challenges of setting up a novel idea especially of grappling with the identity of a venture which doesn’t fall within the usual industry contours. And how reconnecting with and infusing fun in engagement proved to be a major game-changer for engage4more resulting in one of their biggest client wins with the FMCG giant P&G in 2017.

Happy listening.

Part 2/8: Fixing the Corporate ‘Bandwidth-Idea-Budget’ Paucity for FREE!

In this second segment, Nishant shares some of the key challenges a corporate faces in effectively deploying employee engagement, namely the BIB – bandwidth, ideas and budget.

He believes it is unfair to expect HR to take the onus for employee engagement when the function critically demands marketing, response generation, which the HR is ill-equipped to handle. Nishant also speaks about his company’s fastest growing segment – providing employee engagement services for free! Yes, you heard it right. He foresees 1 lac offices signing up for this segment which has clocked a whopping 250% q-o-q growth rate and has about 1670 offices currently using the 4500 free activities engage4more offers.

We also speak on why having fun and engaging maximum senses simultaneously is imperative for effective employee engagement. Stay tuned! 

Part 3/8: CTC Lockdown edition : Corporate Talent Reality Show Now Online!

The third segment of my conversation with Nishant is primarily on this exciting trademark event of engage4more called CTC – Corporate Talent Championship touted as the world’s largest performing arts platform for corporates. CTC is a corporate reality show based on employee talent showcasing. It has about a lac participants across the country and across corporates participating. The ninth edition this year, which will again showcase employee talent within the 4 categories – music, acting, dancing and singing, is still set to be on course but with a twist! The competition is going to be conducted online this year and will be entirely intra-corporate to enhance employee engagement during this crisis scenario. Well, our well wishes are with the entire team to work through this challenge and make the CTC – Lockdown Edition, as it has been suitably christened – a super hit! Do visit if you need more details. Stay tuned! Stay Engaged! 

Part 4/8: Engagement Value Validators : Attrition Drop & Continuity

In this fourth segment, Nishant shares an interesting insight on the effect meaningful employee engagement can have on containing attrition, with the CTC event as a strong case in point. He shares how the attrition rate is less than 10% among employees who participate consistently in CTC against the corporate 30%-plus attrition rate. Nishant also shares how repeat associations and participation by corporates, some since 9 years like Capgemini, Times of India, Walmart validate the value employers derive from such a collaboration.

We also discuss two factors which enable success of employee engagement programs – clarity of objective and understanding employee interest. On a lighter note, Nishant shares how companies are increasingly seeking ways to constantly have such engagement events with employees especially with the advent of social media!

Stay tuned.

Part 5/8: Role of Technology in Facilitating Remote Employee Engagement

As I revisit the fifth part of my conversation with Nishant on the role of technology and how it will change the ways companies engage with their employees, I can’t help but feel a bit eerie knowing that what seemed quite distant has become a reality almost overnight! The need to engage with employees remotely with the help of technology and that too, worldwide, as we are all witnessing it now.

Nishant shares his thoughts on how technology will provide the solution to effective engagement as it begins enabling an increasingly digitised world marked by remote offices, scattered workforce and a gig economy. He speaks of virtual buddy systems, digital streaming, digital gamification and counselling which he believes will help in leading this shift. Engage4more in fact already has three apps – Tikkle, Hug and Pat to boost online employee engagement. How? Well, Stay tuned to know more! 

Part 6/8 : Building an Authentic Indian Story on Engagement

In this segment, Nishant shares how employee engagement is relevant and important across industries, regardless of the organisation’s size. He associates this with the changes in corporate culture marked by open workplaces, relaxed work attire and even the startup era.

We also speak about the underestimated power of a genuine conversation within the context of engagement and Nishant’s future plans of expanding his services to a million offices across India and of building an authentic Indian brand globally.

Stay Tuned.

Part 7/8 : Formative Years & Life Milestones

The seventh segment is all about taking a trip down the memory lanes. We speak about Nishant’s formative years and his personal milestones. Nishant reveals how he acquired a defined direction in life only when he started college. Hostel life proved to be a major transformative part of his life. It was in college where in spite of his reticent nature he discovered his love for organising events, connecting with people and enjoying the thrill of evoking responses and handling them ,since events don’t always go as planned now, do they? Stay tuned.

Part 8/8 : Few of My Fav Things - Beatboxing, Running, Stand-up Routines

In the concluding segment of our conversation with Nishant Parashar we speak of his love for beatboxing, stand up routines and running. Nishant also shares how he is committed to keep alive the curiosity spark within him forever.  We also have some fun when Nishant beatboxes to one of his favourite songs ‘Kabhi kabhi mere dil mai’ and one of my favourite Rafi Sahab hits – Likhe jo khat tujhe. Happy listening. 

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