Podcast with Geoff Meyer, MD – IRONMAN Asia on IRONMAN, Paddling, Cooking, Surfing

We are excited to present to you’ll the charismatic Geoff Meyer who is Managing Director of IRONMAN Asia. IRONMAN is considered arguably the most challenging and prestigious endurance triathlon event worldwide. 

Listen to Geoff share how sports influenced him since very young and how you can’t really take the love for the ocean away from an Australian! Having participated in scores of triathlons and IRONMAN events himself, a recent injury led Geoff to pursue – paddling – his latest craze as he mentions it! Geoff also likes to cook and loves to put up a roast for his family. His biggest weakness is chocolate and this doting father to two boys, enjoys to kick the ball, watch Harry potter movies and surf with his kids. He has some great tips for aspiring Ironmen and women too! 

Starting with this episode, we also have the CXO Fun Facts appended to the TalkCXOLife podcast. So, don’t miss that fun segment towards the end! 

We have also composed two lovely signature tracks by Nilesh and Nick!

So there you go.. Stay Tuned and Happy listening! 

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