Podcast with Salil Murthy, MD India & South East Asia – General Mills On Running & Golf

Welcome to the uninterrupted episode of Talk CXO Life that features our first guest – Salil Murthy, MD – India & SE Asia, General Mills, in conversation with Sunayana Nair, Editor, CXOLife.

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Part 1/6 – Key Milestones, Work-Life Balance, Life’s Purpose

In this segment, Listen to Salil share key life milestones encircling the roles he identifies himself with primarily – of a husband and father, a leader at work, a runner and a golfer. Want to crack the code on work-life balance? Salil, simply boils it down to gaining clarity about what one likes to do, is good at doing and what gives one satisfaction and well.. then focusing on those aspects. 

Part 2/6: From Struggling on a Treadmill to Running World Major Marathons

In this segment we discuss running. Salil is an avid runner, having participated in numerous marathons across the globe, including four Abbot World Majors. He ran his fourth world major in Berlin in September 2018 (few months before the interview).  From struggling to complete a kilometre on a treadmill to running races around the world, backed by his competitive spirit, discover how Salil surprised people around him including himself with his self-driven, feisty flight. 

Part 3/6: 'Putting' Glory - Winning Amateur Golf Tournaments

This segment is about Salil’s love for golf. He had won quite a few corporate tournaments in Singapore before winning the Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup for Bombay in 2016 . He has represented India at the World Amateur finals in Turkey. More recently, in 2018, he also won the Indo American Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament at ITC Classic, Delhi. Salil shares how what began as hitting a grounder a decade ago, became a joy for Salil that now comes close only to him spending time with his family. 

Part 4/6: Leadership & the Fine Act of Balancing Work and Life

In this segment, Salil shares the importance of having a positive work culture that promotes bringing one’s most ‘authentic self’ to work, the tone for which, Salil ascertains, is set at the top. He shares numerous initiatives undertaken at General Mills to encourage and empower its 500 employees, whom Salil feels most accountable towards. 

Part 5/6: Fanning the Flames of Curiosity

Listen to Salil share how his biggest commitment is to keep alive the curiosity within him and his son. It’s this that led him to understand what he loves to do and presented to him a myriad opportunities. Even though Salil applied this simple and diligent approach with the intent of only ‘achieving certain local maxima’, he amazed himself at the way it magically led him to constantly reinvent his own potential, without planning or obsessing over any particular outcome.

Part 6/6: CXO Fun Facts

Is Salil superstitious before a run? What is his favourite comfort food? Did you know that Salil had interviewed Sir Arthur C Clarke as a journalist?! Find out more such interesting titbits on Salil through this CXO FunFacts segment! 


This is the Highlights segment of our full conversation with Salil Murthy. Happy Listening!

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