Podcast with Suresh Kalpathy, President – Rapid E-Suite on Cricket, Music, Golf, Entrepreneurship

Meet the effervescent and multi-talented tech wizard, Suresh Kalpathy, who commenced his journey from the alleys of Delhi but made Singapore his dream abode in the early 90s. Having worked with almost all the tech giants in Singapore from Oracle to IBM to Microsoft, Suresh began his entrepreneurial journey in 2010 and within less than a decade, set up 4 thriving ventures in the tech automation arena. He is currently President of Rapid E-Suite specializing in Products & Solutions for Oracle Applications Life Cycle Management.

Suresh is passionate about cricket and is a left arm spinner. He has also been the Deputy president of the Singapore Cricket Association, having lent his experience to administer Cricket at various levels in Singapore. He has had the good fortune of representing Singapore at 2 ICC (International Cricket Council) Meetings in the UK and has been on several international cricket tours. Suresh is also a golf enthusiast having played on some of the finest golf courses across the world. And it doesn’t end there – his other passion is music! Suresh began singing at the age of three, listening to the radio which was always on thanks to his mother trained in Indian classical music. Having received no formal training in singing himself, Suresh derives inspiration from the legendary Indian self-trained artist Kishore Kumar.

Suresh is the happiest when he is crooning and guess what he sings for us too and not just once but four times! He also loves public speaking and hunts for opportunities to emcee events! Listen to this breezy, musical conversation!

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