Podcast with Venkatesh Maheshwari, Sr.VP – Aditya Birla Fashions on Conquering Everest – Part 1

A brand new year has begun and amidst this resolution-making, goal-setting season we couldn’t think of getting to you’ll a better story than the inspiring journey of this gentleman who scaled the highest peak at the age of 46 whilst being at the peak of his career too. But hey age is just a number to Venkatesh Maheshwari, Sr. Vice President at Aditya Birla Fashion who made headlines last year when he climbed Mount Everest, becoming arguably the first Indian corporate leader to have done so. 

Even though mountains fascinated Venkatesh since childhood and he began trekking in his early 20s, for a middle-class lad who had grown up in the suburbs of Mumbai in a traditionally pragmatic financial-oriented Marwari community, the childhood dream of climbing the Everest seemed within grasp only after having done several treks to the base camp of Everest. And when it did, it consumed him with such a sense of urgency and temerity that it took a gruelling 18-month training ingrained within his daily regime to help him realise his dream. 

We bring to you this awesome tale of grit, perseverance, passion and even mysticism in two parts – in the first, we get to know Venkatesh, his philosophy and aspirations and in the second we will dive deep into his entire journey and experience. So, get set. We get you enough motivation to show you how a detailed, structured, methodic plan goes a long way into conquering that peak you have chosen for yourself! Remember! It is never too late to Identify and Seek your Everest! Happy Listening!

Listen to Part 2 here

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