Praful Uchil, Co-founder & Core Trainer, Striders Miles on Running & Training CXOs to Run Marathons, IRONMAN coaching, Being Limitless

Now which is that one sport that we take to almost as soon as we start to walk? Why Running of course! This segment is dedicated to rediscovering that first joy! We have with us Praful Uchil, Co-Founder and Core Trainer at Striders Miles offering arguably one of the best training programs in the country for Running. Praful has been a been a former national-level middle distance runner, was absorbed by a large insurance corporate before he quit to wholeheartedly follow his passion whilst helping others run!

In this podcast you will hear from Praful his journey of starting Striders, how bagging TCS as their first major corporate client set the ball rolling and how even though anyone can take to running, it is much of a science that needs to be understood. So, get set to learn how to run better, faster and lighter without that ‘bag’gage! You are limitless!


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