HR Series – Pratap Nambiar on Leadership, Executive Coaching, Employee Growth & Work-Life Harmony

Part 1/4 - Pratap Nambiar on Leadership & Executive Coaching

In this segment, Pratap Nambiar converses about his eleven-year journey into executive coaching, mentoring primarily Asian business leaders. He speaks on leadership – its essence and some common blindspots.

Part 2/4 - On Managing Stress & Time | Work Life Harmony

Pratap Nambiar sheds some interesting insights on managing stress & time, and how it’s a challenge that almost every business leader grapples with. He also mentions how work-life balance is more about maintaining a harmony and how a leader is likely to influence his peers and subordinates at the workplace through his passion. 

Part 3/4 - On Role of Leaders & Organisations in Employee Growth

Pratap Nambiar mentions in this segment that while the role of a leader is to best understand and facilitate the growth of every employee reach his/her fullest potential how very few organisations have succeeded in doing so due to their focus on the horizontal growth of the employees, completely overlooking the vertical growth of employees. 

Part 4/4 : On Passions - Poetry, Tennis, Cricket

In this segment Pratap delves into his love for poetry and for sports. Pratap is an avid sportsman, playing tennis, squash, golf, cricket, etc and has also been the Ex-Vice President of the Singapore Lawn Tennis Association. He shares his love for cricket which he used to play at the university level sharing some of the key life lessons he has derived from cricket. He loves to play tennis which he says is life, and also reads out a short poem on Happiness from his book Straight from the Heart.  


In this conversation with Manoj Aravindakshan, Pratap shares his insights he has gained through his 11-year experience in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching comprising the essence of leadership, time-stress management, work-life harmony, role of leaders and organizations in facilitating employee growth and potential.

This segment comprises the Highlights of the conversation with Pratap Nambiar, Founder & Chairman, Thought Perfect, a Singapore based firm providing coaching and mentoring services to CEOs.

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