Priya Barve, Head of BrandLab APAC at Google & Aniruddha Ganguly, CEO And Co-founder Of Negobot On Running The Bombay Howrah Dining Car Supper Club In Singapore

The Bombay Howrah Dining Car is about to depart and passengers are requested to take their seats! In this gastronomical journey, our captains, the very lovely Maharashtrian Mulgi, Priya Barve, Head of BrandLab APAC at Google and the suave Bengali Babu, Aniruddha Ganguly, CEO & Co-founder of NegoBot will take you through a delectable fare comprising nutritious and generous dollops of inspiration as they share savoury tidbits of their experience on starting a supper club in Singapore, bitter-sweet moments of trying to manage it all, the zesty flavours that go into making an energetic partnership, especially, if you are a married couple working together mixed with some rather entertaining masala procured from spices and herbs, cultivated rather delicately, over years of trust, camaraderie, respect, love and patience!

Enjoy the second part of our conversation with Priya and Aniruddha!

You may listen to the first part of the conversation and know more about this lovely couple – how they met, their formative years, career milestones, views on success, leadership etc. here


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