Rajesh Saluja, ASK Wealth Advisors on Golf, Cricket, Poker & Staying Positive

Rajesh Saluja, CEO & Managing Partner, ASK Wealth Advisors, has over two decades of experience in the consumer banking, wealth management and private wealth advisory verticals and is well known for his love for golf which he took to in 1999 when he was heading the Priority Banking & Deposits India arm for Standard Chartered Bank. He is also an avid cricketer and represents his son’s school at prominent inter-school-league tournaments, putting in several hours of dedicated practice during the season, typically October – March. That’s not all. Rajesh also enjoys playing Poker. In this conversation, we converse on each of his passions, some key turning points in his life – personal & professional, his views on success, work life balance and of course, some invaluable insights on investing and an equally interesting fun facts section.

Part 1/6 – When Life gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade!

In this segment you will listen to Rajesh open up about his formative years in Jamshedpur, the key turning points in life including an unfortunate loss he encountered rather early on in life which forced him to ‘grow up’ at once. We also discuss key professional milestones along Rajesh’s 3-decade long career, the broad theme reflecting a yearning for taking roads less travelled & setting up verticals/practices from scratch. Stay tuned!

Part 2/6 – No Knock Outs. Life is about being Bowled Over!

Ok! What is it with boarding schools churning out all-rounders? It’s a trend we have spotted far too often now in our conversations! In this segment, Rajesh Saluja, too attributes his love for sports to his boarding school regime. Rajesh, who is a right arm medium fast bowler, also gets candid, revealing his stance on real-estate investment before we deep dive into his love for cricket! Listen to Rajesh share how he has evolved into a seasoned-ball player thanks to the inter-school private league matches he plays with his son, representing his son’s school across such tournaments during October – March. We also speak about Rajesh’s most memorable innings, the values he has imbibed from cricket and also that delicate yet powerful father-son bond. Stay tuned! 

Part 3/6 – ‘Putt’ing Mind over Matter

In this segment, Rajesh speaks about his love for a sport which, even though he began learning for pragmatic reasons, soon turned out to be the one which he derived the most joy from. Now, golf is known to be an ideal networking sport. It is also perceived to be boring, complicated and perhaps a bit snooty? Well, Rajesh tells us how indeed appearances can be deceptive and highlights how golf, invaluably, even helps unmask hidden layers of acquaintances and potential business associates. Rajesh also shares some simple yet effective tips to play golf as per his experiences and hey mind you, you are listening to someone who has been playing it since a little over two decades now! His personal goal is to play a game a week in Mumbai from the three games a month he usually plays when he is traveling and meeting potential clients. We also converse about the lessons, skillsets and synergies Rajesh derives from cricket and golf. Stay put or rather Stay ‘putt’!

Part 4/6 – Raise ‘em or Fold ’em?

In this brief segment, we speak of Rajesh’s recently acquired interest – Poker. Now, Rajesh had always been fond of playing cards since young. However, it was only a couple of years ago when Poker caught his imagination. He admits to having lost a lot earlier until he read up and gradually developed his own style. He now has a poker group in his residential complex who meet once every three weeks. Stay tuned!

Part 5/6 – When the Going gets Tough, the Tough get Going!

In this concluding segment, Rajesh shares with us his definition of success and the importance of maintaining balance across spheres of life. He reminisces his journey so far and speaks of his rather admirable trait of handling acute stress and pressure only to go on and excel under those very trying circumstances. This straight forward optimist unsurprisingly is also the biggest crusaders for Health being the biggest Wealth. So now, for the umpteenth time. Come on! Get going, Make time work for you coz you are worth it!

CXO Fun Facts with Rajesh Saluja

The CXO fun facts segment, as you know, follows the main conversation. Now, this section is unmissable for knowing interesting tidbits you would want to know about a CXO. For eg not many would know that Rajesh had worked with the director Mansoor Ali Khan for the superhit film Jo jeeta wohi siknader? Well stay tuned to hear about this and more such interesting info on Rajesh!

Bonus : Till Impatience Do Us Part – The Investor-Wealth Dynamic

This is a bonus segment of our conversation with Rajesh Saluja, CEO & Managing Partner, ASK Wealth Advisors. Now, if you have listened to the full conversation we had with Rajesh so far, you will know that this veteran financial advisor consulting several HNIs, is a rare mix of eternal optimism and solid pragmatism, which is why we think you ought to listen to this bonus segment which is on a matter of universal interest – wealth, better yet, on how to increase it. Rajesh shares basic, simple tenets of investing within the India context, importance of staying systematically invested in equities and in other well-regulated investment products and doing so, responsibly. We need to mention here that though this conversation was recorded some months ago, Rajesh maintains the views he had shared with us even currently, when Indian markets are off their peaks by a whopping 30% amidst these very trying and uncertain circumstances, prevailing globally. Rajesh believes in staying invested, being focussed on the long-term to unlock the power of compounding, the eighth wonder of the world as Albert Einstein put it, and that patience is the key to getting lucky. Stay tuned.


This is the highlights section of our conversation with Rajesh Saluja, CEO & Managing Partner, ASK Wealth Advisors.

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