Tirupathi Karthik, CEO – Napier Healthcare Solutions on being a WSF Certified Squash Coach, Running, Yoga, Meditation

In this edition we have with us the erudite and calm, Tirupathi Karthik, CEO at Napier Healthcare Solutions. Karthik is an erstwhile entrepreneur, a management leader with over two decades of experience in Singapore’s IT industry having worked with companies such as HP and SAP and also nearly a decade experience in healthcare.

Karthik is a level 1 WSF (World Squash Federation) certified squash coach, has been an avid runner and squash player, practices yoga and meditation and is an active advocate for dementia care. In this first part of the conversation we introduce you to Karthik and let you into his world comprising key personal and professional milestones, his childhood, briefly touching upon his current interests, his views on success and on finding that elusive happiness. We have also the bonus CXO funfacts session right at the end!

So, ready for it? Pay attention for this one is packed with pearls of wisdom!

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