Tirupathi Karthik on Running, Squash coaching, Meditation, Yoga, Dementia Care

This is the second part of our conversation with Tirupathi Karthik, CEO at Napier Healthcare. We delve into Karthik’s varied interests comprising running, playing squash, practicing yoga and meditation among others. But do you know what we find really fascinating? It is how this business leader spends his weekends. Karthik is a (World Squash Federation) WSF-certified Level 1 coach and spends his Saturdays coaching kids to play squash – an interesting way, we think, to stay connected to a sport if an injury robs you the opportunity to play a sport as ardently as you used to. 

Karthik is also a passionate advocate for dementia care and believes the mind is the strongest organ. Let’s listen to this leader share how pursuing any sport is about how you got to do what you got to do before you get what you are supposed to get and how Sports gives you friends for life! Happy listening.

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