CEO & WSF-Certified Coach Tirupati Karthik on Coaching Children to Play Squash in Singapore

In this video series of TalkCXOLife we have with us the calmness personified Tirupathi Karthik, CEO at Napier Healthcare in conversation with Sunayana Nair. Karthik is an erstwhile entrepreneur, a management leader with over two decades of experience in Singapore’s IT industry having worked with giants such as HP and SAP and nearly a decade of experience in healthcare.

If you have listened to our TalkCXOlife podcast conversation with Karthik, you would know now that this leader is also a coach. A world squash federation – certified level 1 coach, to be precise, who spends his weekends coaching children in Singapore to play squash. Now while, Karthik has myriad of interests ranging from running, playing cricket, yoga, meditation and Carnatic music.. teaching kids to play Squash is what this leader derives much pleasure from and what keeps him sane, as he puts it. Watch this business leader sweat it out while coaching his student! We also have a Beginner’s Guide to Squash segment wherein Karthik gives a surprise, basic squash coaching lesson to Sunayana.

Here’s getting you a glimpse of this crispest nugget in leadership – how leadership isn’t as much about calling the shots but in playing it, enthusiastically, fairly, whole-heartedly while encouraging others to put their best foot forward and cheering all the way – What a shot!

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